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The KRISTAL TIME product range
Very fast curing times with only 20 degrees Celsius

KRISTAL Universal TimeClear (more info)

Introductory offers

To try our KRISTAL products we have several introductory offers.

Introductory offers

Kristal Coatings offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with our products for a reduced price.

KRISTAL Universal TimeClear DEAL: € 165,-

1 x 4 liter KRISTAL Universal TimeClear (9455)
1 x 1 liter KRISTAL Universal TimeHardener (8455)
1 x 1 liter KRISTAL Universal TimeAdd STD (3455)

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The prices are quoted exclusive purchase tax (VAT) and 40 euro shipping costs within The Netherlands. Special Deals will usually be delivered by Kristal Coatings, unless there is a Kristal Coatings dealer-or sales point of in your district. In this case the products will be delivered by the dealer in question.

Kristal Coatings costumers are excluded from this special introductory offer.

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