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The KRISTAL TIME product range
Very fast curing times with only 20 degrees Celsius

KRISTAL Universal TimeClear (more info)

Introductory offers

To try our KRISTAL products we have several introductory offers.


UHS = ultra high solid

HS = high solid

MS = medium solid


Spray gun scheme

Polishing scheme

KRISTAL Universal Filler

Available in

1.8 kg

Produkt description

KRISTAL Multi Polyester Universal Filler is a 2K universal polyester filler with a wide range of application possibilities. Can be used as stopper and fine-putty as well. Little afterbake and easy to sand. Excellent adhesion on various bases, especially zinc-galvanised sheets, hot dip galvanized sheets, steel, aluminium, wood and glass-fibre reinforced body parts based on polyester material.

Technical Data Sheet


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